How we work for Shopify predefined theme


Shopify has enabled a quiet revolution in ecommerce industry. With the help of predefined themes at Shopify store, we have enabled creation of dynamic websites to our clients. We have an extensive choice of predefined themes at Shopify falling in different collections namely minimalist style, new theme releases, grid-style layout, large inventories, small inventories, fun and lively, big, beautiful imagery, trending this week, etc. We take care of many industries like art & photography, clothing & fashion, jewelry & accessories, electronics, food & drink, home & garden, Furniture, health & beauty, sports & recreation, toys & games and many others. There is a wide range of predefined themes in Shopify depending upon different product page, home page, navigation, marketing and social media and industries. Different layout styles varying from wide, grid, collage, editorial and row styles are also available. We utilize all of these and empower many businesses and entrepreneurs around the globe. We enable setting up of themes in websites with powerful features and running an online store created through us will instill so much fun.


Predefined themes

Talking about predefined themes, these are developed by experts via world renowned designers like Pixel, Happy Cog, Clearleft and Union. Now we purchase these themes from theme store of Shopify and utilize them for setting up for clients to create dynamic websites. Our clients love how their website looks on Shopify. You will find out how we work for shopify predefined themes in the following points:


What we do:

  • Setting Up Themes: With numerous professional predefined themes available on Shopify, we provide numerous template options to our clients to choose from. When we / client purchases a shopify theme and installs it, we help them setup theme supported by shopify pages such as home, product, collection, etc.
  • Implementation: We setup content pages that the client has produced. We create banner and setup in shopify and also create category to set up with header and footer.
  • Presence In Social Media: Social media platforms like pininterest, instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are excellent source of communication with audience, so we do not miss an opportunity to link social pages with shopify site.
  • Reliable And Secure Settings: Now, if there is any requirement to setup, we do that and also set up important sections such as payment, shipping, tax and general settings. Shopify integrates with over 100 external payment gateways around the world. You can setup country and state tax rates based on your location. You can set up shipping rates by fixed price, tiered pricing, weight-based and location-based rates, i.e. you get flexible options for shipping rates with inclusion of free shipping to customers also.
  • Ensuring Responsiveness And User Friendliness: After finishing this part, we move towards making the website responsive in mobile and tablets. We perform a thorough Quality Assurance and ensure everything is under right track, if there is any error or flaw, we fix it and look forward to domain set up.
  • Domain Setup: Domain name is the unique address where people can find your website. You can buy custom domain through us if you want the setup done by us. All domains are registered for one year and can be renewed later. We do the DNS configuration for you and you can make changes to it in Shopify if required. And secondly, if you already have a domain you can get it connected to Shopify and verify the connection. We will help you in every step as our skilled team is always available to fix your problems. This way, we let you save your energy for other important parts of your business.
  • ‘LIVE’ WEBSITE: Now, publishing the website “live” is a major task we perform that involves providing an actual physical place for your website where people around the world can get access and make use of. We do it carefully and are aware of the circumstances if anything gone wrong.
  • Full Service Support: We also provide full support for developmental issues for the period of one month after publishing it. You can take any help and fix any issues if remaining. We cater perfect services to our client leaving minimal possibility of complaints. All of our predefined themes are modern, easily customizable and clean. We have SEO friendly templates having cross-browser compatibility and responsive designs.



Having all of these features, we are able to attain high customer support and reviews. Our quality coding and built-in custom settings panel allows modifying the template to one’s own liking. We are self-hosted ecommerce solution with easy installation process. Working with us and our approved ecommerce designer, developer, or marketer can help you a long way in making your online store a huge success.


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