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Let’s talk about what’s good for your ecommerce business after you has a branded website created and your online business is up and running. This time around we will dig a little bit deeper in computing and today’s business requirements, which make an ecommerce business real successful. And that is in the creating and working with private apps. But first of all, let’s make it all clear and comprehensible for you.


About Shopify apps and their advantages

  • You generally don’t get to learn all too much about apps and their usage. What most people know apps for is that they make life easier by providing access in specific interfaces (social media, stores, ordering systems, banking systems) and they enable you to perform certain actions with their help.
  • There are tons of apps out there and there are certain types of apps you need to know about just briefly so that you learn how to differentiate these with time and expertise.
  • Apps have become increasingly important because these are which work by far the best when it comes to smart devices.
  • As most people prefer to perform their online activities using smart devices, apps provide by far the easiest solution for us to perform all sorts of actions, the easiest way possible.


How do apps work?

  • Just like iOS or Android Shopify has its own apps they are specifically for those who are in Shopify’s system.
  • These are partially available on Shopify App Store if public, but they can also be turned private, with the consent of Shopify, when it comes to private access.
  • These apps were designed to make life easier for e-stores. They can help you with sales, marketing, SEO, shipping, customer service, inventory management and so much more.
  • These apps can be purchased and integrated in your Shopify website, partially for your usage and partially for providing an easier access to your services and goods for your clients.
  • Anyone and everyone can use Shopify apps and today, their use is definitely an added bonus because it enables your business to be so much more than a mere website and it will also enable your website to provide you with so much more information than it would normally be able to do.
  • Apps are mostly designed by outside developers on a partner App Portal, just like our team does. After an app has been created and tested in BETA mode, if approved by Shopify, it can be uploaded on Shopify’s App Store with a predefined availability (public, unlisted, private).


About private apps

Now, that we have learned what apps are and what they can be capable to do for you in a nutshell, let’s jump straight into learning what private apps are and why they are important.

As you may guess from its name this is wholly customized app, which is intended for one sole business. A private Shopify app would use Shopify API just like other apps do, but they have an added authentication process, to ensure the most secure private access for you.


What can a private app do for your business?

Private apps are not about people downloading your store’s app, it’s basically one or more programs that were designed to perform certain tasks for you:

  • It can help with functionality
  • It can help automate certain processes for you
  • It can help integrate all the other apps you are using or having out on your website Private apps are not available online and you cannot buy them. You need to have a developer team, such as our dedicated and enthusiastic team to make one specifically intended to your needs.


We can help you

  • If you are new to e-commerce and Shopify’s system you may need extra guidance on what additional apps can work for you and how they can make your life and your daily business activity all the easier.
  • We are more than happy to consult you and help you decide what additional functions you would need and what you would not.
  • We think it’s essential that we help you understand how apps function and then build your personalized app that really work for you. Additionally we will help you with all the possible public app needs too.


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