How we work for Shopify custom theme


Whatever is the size of your business, either you are selling products or services, it does not matter, Shopify offers you great solutions. Shopify themes are amazing and these refer to the templates that our merchants use on ecommerce stores. Many business people from around the world download these templates and make use of them. Many of the themes can be designed by common people and those are custom themes which can be listed in Shopify theme store. All of the shopify themes make your website stands out and help you in deriving eCommerce sales.

In this section, you will know about how we work for shopify custom theme. Following are the tasks we perform with our clients for shopify custom themes:


What we do:

  • Careful listening to customers: So, when we get in touch with our clients, firstly, we discuss their requirement and ask for their reference URL so that we get a fair idea of their thoughts.
  • Layout Creation: After attaining some useful information from their URL, we create a layout according to our creativity. Our talented team works to create a new layout as per their skills.
  • Confirmation: We check it with the client and take approval to go ahead with the layout. We take information from them if in case of any changes or update to the created layout.
  • Implementation: Then after, we implement the prepared layout to shopify theme structure and perform various activities like content pages set up and make it more dynamic with liquid code and make it up to 90 percent manageable by merchant or administrative person.
  • Category Creation: Our next step is to provide header/footer for different categories. For this, we create category and set up with header and footer menu.
  • Approaching Social Media: After completion, we link social pages with Shopify site as it is mandatory today to make oneself visible on social platforms and reach millions of audience and viewers.
  • Reliable And Secure Settings: We also setup shopify app if required. There are certain other important sections to take care such as payment, shipping, tax and general settings, we ensure to setup all of these in accurate manner. These sections seem to be minor but are very important in customers’ view too as it involves money transaction and payment.
  • Ensuring Responsiveness And User Friendliness: After successfully operating these tasks, we move forward towards making the website mobile or tablet responsive and we perform Quality check, QA for whole website to make sure it fully conforms to the standards and have no flaws.
  • Domain Setup: Then we move towards domain set up, domain name is the unique address where people can find your website, you can buy custom domain through us if they want it the setup done for themselves. Domains purchased through us are registered for one year and can be renewed until its cancellation. When a custom domain is bought through Shopify, DNS settings will be configured for you from our side. You can view and edit your DNS settings easily in Shopify. And if client has its own domain there are various ways where it can get connected in Shopify. The steps involve adding domain to shopify, connecting it to shopify and verifying the connection in shopify. Our expertise team enables it easily and connect the existing domain letting you focus on other important parts of business.
  • ‘Live’ Website: After setting up of domain, we publish website to live and it is a crucial step to perform. With the help of our server, we provide your website an actual physical place where it gets “live” and get accesses from users around the world. We take full responsibility in its operation and how it is displayed.
  • Full Service Support: We provide our full support for all development issues our clients face till 2 months of time period after publishing the website. There can be times when complaints are created from end users regarding any issue and here we assist you quickly to fix up issues like that. However, there are rare chances of anything like it as we create highest quality websites with careful revision.


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