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Your customer or visitors will be your promoter

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Instant Sharing Using Whatsapp

  • Customer or visitors will be your promoter.

  • Get high conversion rate through mobile customers.

  • Customer can share your store, products, collections & articles among their Whatsapp contacts.

  • Store visitor be able to chat with you and increase conversion ratio.

Features of Whatsapp

Your customers can use this feature to share / promote your Store, Products, Collections & Articles instantly on their mobile.

Easy to install

Easy to install on shopify store. No need to do extra work for Whatsapp Share and Whatsapp Chat.

Easy to use for customers


Customers can easily share current webpage / link instantly with his Whatsapp contacts.

Easy to generate Whatsapp
Share button

Generate Whatsapp Share button as per template design which you want and show this button in individual page.

Easy to add Chat option.

Better communications with store visitors and able to solve their queries.

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Let your store visitors be your promoter among their Whatsapp contacts & let them allow to direct chat with you on Whatsapp.

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Whatsapp Share Reports

In Whatsapp Share Reports, Store owner can see what link was shared most and how much shares done on shopify store by Whatsapp.

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Daily Share Reports

All Report shows the data of share hourly by whatsapp sharing.

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How  app helps others

The customer support is too good got quick fix for the issues I was facing.Amazing app that increases visibility to mobile users.


Its very useful for market places like India as lot of people use whatsapp. Thank you for the support Team.


Toooop!!! gostei muitíssimo deste app! recomendo para todos que utilizam o shopify.


Great tool, most people use their phone these days to shop so this helps alot.

Noahs Links

Muchas gracias, esta aplicación me ayuda a tener mejor comunicados a mis clientes y poder interactuar cuando tengan dudas de la realización de su pedido.


Great addition to my online store. Makes sharing so effective and easy to do. Excellent service! Their support team helped me setup the first day and got it working exactly as I wanted. Thank you Guys!

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