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Having trouble posting Products Carousel on Facebook page ? Then this is the app for you

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Why Use Our App

Marketing is immensely important for every business and using our app you can increase your marketing strategy at low cost via facebook, which is the right avenue for promote your products and services. Providing customer support is also easy via Facebook.

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- The carousel format allows you to showcase up to ten images within a single story post, each with its own link.
- With more creative space within a story post, you can highlight different products
- Showcase specific details about one product
- The advert format can be used by any business to accomplish a variety of advertising objectives
- Lower Your Marketing Expenses

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Facebook Feed

-You can create facebook feed links with different types of customization and post on your pages, which will suto refreshed your products from your store.

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Facebook carousel

- You have more space to tell your story or showcase your products. * They're interactive
- To see your whole story, people can swipe or click through the carousel. * They're flexible
- You have up to ten cards that you can fill with photos or videos to tell your story creatively.
- Schedule your post on facebook with different type of collections and products.

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How It Work

There is not extra efforts to use this app. Just login to your facebook account via app, select collection and page for post your carousel on facebook, see preview and post your carousel or you can schedule your post too. You can create feed links with diffrent types of customization.


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Post product carousel automatically on facebook without any manual efforts.


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Showcase up to ten products / images within a single story post on Facebook, each with its own link, image & call to action button.


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Give customers more options, variations and encourage them to purchase by showing a different product on each carousel card.

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Very easy to install, very easy to use, setup within few minutes.... Looks great ! Installation facile, facile d'utilisation, Merci ! de

Just what I needed! Thank you

Sandersville Country Store