COD Order Confirmation

COD (Cash On Delivery) Order Confirmation​ app will help you to​ product return ratio from fake/dummy orders.

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How it works

This is how you get our App working

Voice all mode :

When voice call mode will on, app will dial the customers on placed COD order and confirm the order based on customer's input.

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SMS mode :

Customer will recieve an SMS immediately after COD order placed with a link, which contains full order summary as well as options to Approve, Decline, Request a call to admin & Contact admin (You can turn ON/OFF from application admin).

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Voice call & SMS :

In case order remians pending even after Confirmation Call attemps, App will send an SMS with a link to confirm the order.

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For India | Save delivery cost by avoiding fraud or fake order, You can customize the settings easily through app admin area.

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About The App

Customer will get confirmation call or SMS for COD orders

COD order will confirm by a Voice call/SMS based on available mode in app and add tags in order history page so that identify the order confirmation status.

Easy to Turn ON/OFF Call/SMS mode from app admin area

You can easily enable/disable or change different modes and also there is a order history page for checking the order status with customer's phone number and verified by call/SMS.

Easy to install

Just install the app and enable COD payment gateway in your store, App will start to work!

Client Testimonial

We are using this app since last 3 months and its really help us! big thanks for the app creator.


Very very well explained tutorial. Seems very easy to set-up. Currently in test phase, working well so far!


Finally we have an App for for CoD Confirmation, Trust me it's the best app.